Blog from March, 2022

March 22 Product Update

World Fuel Contract Cards (blue star), New Payment Screens (blue star), Forgot Password? (blue star), Faster Updates (blue star),

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New features & Improvements

(blue star) New features

  • (blue star) We’re happy to now support payments with World Fuel Contract Cards directly inside FBO One. Contact for setup.

  • (blue star) Forgot your password? You can now reset your password via email from the password reset link to a recovery email.

  • (blue star) Add Additional travel documents, travel type to crew/pax - allowing capture of visa details for example:

  • (blue star) Add free text remarks to Ops Fuel Price screen to allow extra comments for users

(blue star) New screens

  • (blue star) Updated Take Payment screens - all Online and Offline payment screens are now fully upgraded to mobile-friendly screens. Workflow should now be much faster and easier to use for payments away from the desk! DEMO:

(blue star) Speed and performance improvements

  • Continuing to make progress on a significant infrastructure project to improve the general speed of FBO One - testing has shown speed increases of 3-4x.

  • Faster updates - we have considerably reduced the offline time for updates to just a few minutes, with our goal to remove any offline time completely in the future.

(blue star) Misc improvements

  • Add a 7-day view and extra time jumps for Parking Planning, allowing for a greater overview of parking over 7 days.

  • Show 'FBO location group' location members in drop-downs as a 2nd row

  • Allow moving services between FBO locations - easily move services to a different location without needing to recreate them in a second FBO location.

  • Show multiple SKUs in the 'Stock totals' screen based upon the current multi-FBO location for the user

  • Allow picking a supplier for fuel tickets - allowing for specific pricing based upon the fuel supplier.

Bug fixes

Interface fixes

  • Crew/Pax 'Remarks' field size has increased & causes field name to run over 2 rows - reduce the width

  • Don't show the full stack trace of errors on the screen - security fix.

  • Increase the width of 'Select FBO' field in the Handlings/Movements screen for creating orders to show the full FBO name

  • Update to the new FBO One logo all places in solution using the old FBO One logo

  • FBO One logo: Update application favicon for all pages

  • Remove html tags from SAP transition screens that only render as plain text

  • Entry of required Custom Value on New Fuel Uplift order does not clear the requirement

General bug fixes

  • Accept image file types to be uploaded into FBO One with application/octet-stream mime type

  • Include fetching aborted online payments for X hours after last change, Now >> UtcNow

  • Forgot password: ReCAPTCHA block is not being displayed on Forgot Password page

  • Add a SQL Index when fetching online payments by account and workflow state

  • Remove private IP addresses visible with showing full error stack traces

  • CreateOrder newUI fix causes blocking error (oops exception) on Create Order when no 'Quick Create Order' transitions exist

  • Add extra tracing to the payment authorization process

  • CreateFuelOrder / CreateFuelOrderSimple modernUI screen throws object ref error when config string 'ProductToAdd' is missing

  • Pax Clean Robot should also delete non-pax CrewMembers

  • When 'Stock management organization' is blank for a stock location the EditStockMutation transition breaks

API fixes

  • Single Avcard payment was authorized twice and funded twiceΒ