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Pre-payment info:

  • A wire transfer payment can be allocated from the Front Office Order order screen to pre-pay an order from a received wire transfer.

  • Allocate received wire transfers to orders that are not yet invoiced in the front office to clear outstanding amounts.

  • Greater visibility for the front office staff if follow-up payments are required from additional services.


For more information and related how to pages see Wire transfers and Payment allocations page.


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Open handling order and click ‘Select pre-payment’

  1. In the handling order, click on the ‘This order needs payment / Amount Due' field to open the payment menu.

  2. Select the 'Select pre-payment' option to open the Allocate payment dialog.


The ‘Select pre-payment’ pay option is available in the handling order as a payment option.


Choose wire transfer payment for allocation

If any unallocated Wire transfer payments are available for the debtor, then these will be show in the drop-down:

  1. Select the ‘Search wire transfer’ field, a list of available payments will show, alternatively searching by payment key will show additional payments.

  2. Select an available payment to continue.


Allocate wire transfer payment to order

Once the wire transfer payment is selected, the screen will expand to allow for the 'Amount to allocate' to be entered. Full or partial payment of the order is possible here: