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  • GPU - For a GPU, typically the length of time for which it is used on an aircraft is logged for reporting and pricing purposes. 
    A workflow may therefore contain stages such as Requested > In Progress > Completed. It would use either a 'Set Quantity' transition or 'Progress Start' / 'Progress End' transitions
  • Catering - For Catering, the service typically needs to be Ordered > Confirmed > Boarded. This workflow may therefore use an 'Order Third Party (text only)' transition in order to send the catering request to the supplier.
  • Ramp Services - Services such as Lav, Water, Towing etc. may have a simpler workflow such as Requires Action > Completed, which would allow Ramp staff, airside, to indicate when a service is completed in order for Ops staff to communicate this to Crew and/or proceed accordingly with flight operations. This type of workflow does not require the use of a transition screen. The workflow steps alone are sufficient
  • Basic Catering - Basic Catering supplies such as Coffee, Hot Water and Ice may require the use of a 'Set Quantity' workflow allowing users to indicate how many litres of kilos of an item were supplied. For example, Ice may be priced at EUR 5.00 per kilo, the user would therefore be required to use the 'Set Quantity' transition in order to indicate the number of kilos supplied. This would then result in the per kilo price being applied to the quantity indicated. This may also be useful for reporting purposes.


Checking one or both of these options is possible. Checking the 'Force quantity to zero' box will ensure that any quantity assigned to this product/service is then set to 0 (usually resulting in 0.00 price).
Checking the 'Add 'Force quantity to zero'Cancelled to external Remarks' will add 'Cancelled' to the external remarks for this product/service


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