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  1. Create a report using the RDL Report Builder
  2. After uploading the report, set it up as an order-report
  3. Set access permissions to the order report for the appropriate roles. Note that by default, no-one has access.
  4. Test the report by previewing it from the the Print menu in the order detail screen.
  5. Adjust the script from the top of the page. The following lines must be updated:
    1. const string signReceiptWorkflowName = "Sign Receipt"; // Change this to reflect the name of your report
    2. const string fboLocationShortName = "AMS"; // update for your location
    3. signTransitionConfig.SignReceipt = false; // must be false
    4. ProductCode = "Sign Receipt", // Change this to reflect the name of the task
  6. Run the script

  7. Link the order report to the three sign transitions of the workflow, using Administration | Service Workflow. Do this by editing each transition and selecting a value in the 'Attach order report' drop down field.
    1. The 'sign now' start-transition
    2. The 'sign now' transition from the 'Awaiting signature' state.
    3. The 'sign again' transition from the 'Signed' state.

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