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Wire transfer and payment allocation key info


Wire transfers and Payment allocations uses:

  • Allocate wire transfer payments to orders and pay outstanding invoices: Allocate received payments from uploaded bank statements or manually created wire transfers to orders and invoices.

  • Accurate overview of received payments from debtors for due invoices. Reducing the need of an external accounting software.

  • Creating wire transfers allows logging when payments were received and if it was received before the invoice due date for outstanding invoices, allowing for an accurate Accounts Receivable see Account statements (Back office).

  • Allocate wire transfers payments to debtors to give an accurate overview of debtors that pay within their credit days. Overview of good and bad debtors.

  • Upload bank statement files: Batch upload payments from bank statements quickly and easily. Saving time in manually creating many received payments. See How to upload payments from bank file statements.

  • Add wire transfer payments: Manually create wire transfer payments for allocation to invoices and orders.

  • Due Invoices report: Generate a PDF Due Invoices statement report per debtor, showing an overview of all invoices due and paid, with each individual invoice attached. See Customer Account Statement Reports (Administration) for changing the report and adding new reports to this area.


For detailed back office page information for wire transfers and payment allocations see: Account statements (Back office)andPayments (Back office).

How-to pages for wire transfers and payment allocations

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Wire transfer and payment allocation flowchart


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