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The Quantity band from parent calculator is a calculator that takes a specific amount of the quantity of a parent product and puts that in the quantity of the child product. 

This calculator can be used to calculate different prices for different quantity bands/ranges (tiers). For example the first 1000 Liters of fuel is charged with a higher price than the liters above 1000.


The end result of the example mentioned above will look like this. The total quantity of the fuel sold is 2000 liters. The price for the first 1000 liters is 0.80. Everything after that is 0.70.



In this example, the first 2 units of a product are provided for free. Additional units of the product have a per unit fee of $40.


The quantity of 9 automatically splits between the first 2 items at $0 rate, and following 7 items at $40 rate.