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The custom property names must match the parameter names within the subreport.


Main report

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Previewing and Activating custom Invoice layouts


Code Block
Function IsSinglePageInvoice(numberOfInvoiceLineRows As Integer) As Boolean
	Return False
End Function

Summary section settings and HTML text rendering

Both invoice and receipt sections contain each a summary textbox displaying additional notes/information with regards to the invoice or receipt.

By default both summary sections are set to interpret the text within as HTML text, enabling full customization like defining text sections as bold or italic, use colors etc

Example of HTML rendering: 

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generating the following layout in the report:

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If HTML rendering is not desired and regular 'enter' should be interpreted as new line, a few changes have to be made in the RDL template.

Disabling the HTML rendering can be done easily by:

  • opening the RDL template in Report Builder
  • selecting the expression within the summary textbox
  • right clicking the selected expression and opening the 'Placeholder Properties'
  • change the markup type 
  • save the RDL template and uploaded to FboOne

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End effect will be the following (plain text is rendered as plain text):

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generating the following layout in the reportEntering line breaks in the summary information setting will force the RDL template to also display line breaks at rendering time:

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Subreport error handling