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A home operator order handles the departure before the arrival. This means that the departure time must lie before the arrival time in order to create the order.


In the picture below the new home operator order screen is displayed:



To indicate that an order type should contain the Departure before the Arrival, the workflow must have the 'Is Arrival before Departure' box un-checked within the Order Workflow

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Home Operator Confirmations

The text shown on the Handling Confirmation for Home Operator Orders can differ to that of the regular Handling Confirmation (e.g. to show the schedule in reverse order Departure before Arrival).
To allow this to occur, the following settings are available:

  • HnHomeOperatorConfirmationEmailBody
  • HnHomeOperatorConfirmationEmailBodyTextOnly
  • HnHomeOperatorCancellationEmailBody

By default, FBO One will override the settings HnConfirmation settings when the Is Arrival before Departure check-box is un-checked. Instead the text shown in the above mentioned settings for these order types (departure before arrival) will be used.

Plan board

In On the plan board, the home operator order is displayed with a bar from departure to arrival. This means that the order itself shown in on the chart bar doesnchart doesn't indicate the ground time but the air/away time.

In case of home operator orders with known departure and arrival times these are depicted on a bar showing both "on ground" (with a gray background) and "in air" time (background color set by the user) .

To indicate that the bar represents an home operator order, the text and background colors of the bar can be set differently. This can be configured in the workflow configuration.


Confirmation of Home Operator Orders


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