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Defines the quantity based on the value of the custom value. 

Use this This calculator is based on the value of a custom value for as a decimal. For example: 'Noise factor (L)' that are which is calculated based on upon the noise factor value of the aircraft.

The calculator can only use custom values assigned to either : Order, Aircraft Registration, Aircraft Type, Debtor, FBO Location or Administration .

The result is very similar to the related  Custom Value Unit Price Calculator, however, only here the custom value actual value is shown in the quantity, showing the calculation more clearly. This doesn't The Custom Value Quantity Calculator however, does not allow rounding of the total amount though.

Required properties


CustomProperty (string)
The custom value code.
example: CustomProperty=Noise factor (L); 

Optional properties


RoundingMethod (string)

Indicates the type of the rounding to be applied to the quantity from a decimal custom value. For example Floor. If not specified, the default is Floor.
example: RoundingMethod=Floor 

MultiplyByFuelQuantity (bool)

Multiplies the CustomProperty quantity amount by the gross volume fuel quantity from the orderline.

example: MultiplyByFuelQuantity=true

MultiplyByConstant (int) (default = 1)

Multiplies the CustomProperty quantity amount by a constant value. For example: Custom value = 1000, MultiplyByConstant = 0.1. 1000 * 0.1, therefore orderline quantity = 100.

example: MultipleByConstant=0.1

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