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Defines the quantity


based on the number of nights




aircraft is on the ground, where a night is defined by the passing of 00:00.

If the arrival or departure time is not known, zero is returned for now. This could change in the future, as 'unknown' would be better. 

Optional properties:

FreeMinutesAfterArrival (int; default=0)
Number of minutes after arrvial that won't be charged.


SubtractFromMaximum (bool; default=false)
If true, the number of nights returned is the the maximum minus the number otherwise returned. This only works if the maximum has been set, and allows to return 1 if there is NO overnight, (by setting maximum to 1, and subtractfromaximum to true) so a discount for no overnight can be created.


Note: Take into account the timezone of the handling station, this can cause a different outcome depending on daylight savings time.


Parking module (Glossary)