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Comment: Add bulletin board attach to service option in 'Third party services'



Note: Only the italic fields are mandatory and must be filled in. All other fields are optional.

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Product code: The name of the product displayed in the order screen.


Is delivery date applicable: Check to display the delivery date fields.

Show bulletin board messages in transitions: Check to display bulletin board attachments in service transitions see ****** manual page for more information

Is supplier supplier’s invoice required: Check if the invoice of the supplier is required. When checked it must be entered before the order can be booked.


Unit price calculation formula: An expression formula to be used for calculating the unit price. The formula can use as input the unit price specified in price agreements (input.UnitPrice), the mtow (input.mtowInKg or input.mtowInPounds) or a custom property | custom value (input.CustomValue). 


Payment gateway product mapping definition



Air Card Group: Used for mapping products for Aircard payments. See Product Code Mapping for Online Credit Card Payments for more information.

AHT Product Group: Used for mapping products for AHT Online Payment. See Product Code Mapping for Online Credit Card Payments for more information.

Custom values

Any custom values that can be defined on the product will show in this section.


Remarks: Add any remarks to the product, visible on the product details page.

See also: 

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Order third-party services

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