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Reports are fully customizable and can contain data such as fuel performance, revenue per location, parking utilization, etc. The data can even be visualized to easily get a clear overview of the data presented by the reports.

Fuel Performance Graph 


How to setup FBO One to match your business:

Creating the basics:

  1. Setup a new administation and FBO location
  2. Setup roles and user accounts
  3. Setup system access policies
  4. Creating products and services
  5. Define product prices
  6. Creating customers

Front office customatizations:

Daily Reports

-          What is a daily report?

-          Standard reports in FBO One (daily flight program, daily services summary)

-          How to create a custom daily report

  • Daily movements report
    • Daily movements report for ramp agents
    • Daily movements report for airport authorities
  1. Setting up custom daily movement reports
  2. Setting up products and prices
    1. Automatic prices
      1. Handling fees
      2. Night surcharges
      3. GPU charges per hour
    2. Parking charges
      1. Parking charge per day
      2. Parking charge per hour, first 6 hours free
      3. Parking ...
  3. Setting up workflow for services and orders
  4. Processing for a fuel purchase and uplift
  5. Setting up the fuel module


Introduction to administration of FBO One: -

  1. Finding your way
  1. Front office
  2. Mobile devices
  3. Back Office
  4. Front Office Reports
  5. Back office reports
  6. Management Reports and scheduling
  7. Product configuration
  8. Price configuration
  9. Parking
  10. Fuel
  11. VAT
  12. Workflow configuration
  13. Online interfaces
  14. Emails in FBO One
  15. Security
  16. Glossary
  17. FAQ  (now How-to’s)
  18. Exercises
  19. Tips and tricks (FBO One keyboard shortcuts, also general computer/internet tips)