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Defines the email subject and body for pay by email requests. See Payment requests (Administration).


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Please note this setting is also available per FBO in the ‘FBO locations settings' page area.


Email template variables may be used for both the subject and body settings.

PayRequestSubject example:

Code Block
Online Payment request for order ~OrderKey~

PayRequestBody example:


Ensure ~PayByEmailDeeplink~ is added to the email body to show pay by email payment link.

Code Block
Dear Client,

Please see attached receipt for order ~OrderKey~ and below link to pay online through a secure payment gateway:

Optional: On payment, cards can be stored for future payments against:

This handling only: ~OrderKey~
Future orders for debtor: ~DebtorName~
Future orders for operator: ~OperatorName~
Future orders for aircraft registration: ~RegistrationCode~

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards

~Reports-Zipcode~ ~Reports-City~, ~Reports-Country~

Phone: ~Reports-Phone~
Fax: ~Reports-Fax~
Email: ~Reports-Email~
Web: ~Reports-Internet~

Timestamp: ~CurrentDateTime~

Email example:


Note: A PDF copy of the order’s receipt is automatically attached with the email.