Account Statement Reports (Administration)

The Account Statement Reports screen allows for defining the reports available on the Account statements (Back office) page header.


The Account Statement Reports administration page allows for the following functions:

  • Change the ‘Aging’ report: The default ‘Aging' report using the Aging query available via the ‘AGING’ button in the Account statements (Back office) page header can be updated in this screen.

  • Define Administration groups for generating: Useful for generating the ‘Aging’ report for multiple Administrations. Note: Each Administration will generate a separate ‘Aging' sheet in the report.

  • Add multiple reports: Multiple reports may be added to the Account statements (Back office) header, each will show as individual buttons.


Custom reports available in the Account statements screen


  • Caption: The caption that is displayed for the report on the main header of the Account Statement (Back office) page.

  • Report: The report that is used for the ‘AGING’ report button.

  • Administration Query Parameter: The parameter selected for the report, default should be set to ‘Administration'.

  • Administration group: Debtors from all Administrations in the Administration group will be included in the report. Note: Each Administration will generate a separate ‘Aging' sheet in the report.


  • Caption: Free text updating the ‘AGING’ report button text.

  • Report: Drop down list of all available reports from Reports (Administration) screen.

  • Administration Query Parameter: Drop down of all report parameters, this should be kept to ‘Administration’ to run the report based on the ‘Administration’ filter set.

  • Administration group: Drop down of all Administration groups. See Administrations (Administration).