How to add parking areas and positions

To add Parking areas and positions to FBO One, go to Administration > Parking > Areas & Positions

Under the section 'Parking Areas' parking areas for the different FBO Locations can be defined
In the below example, three parking areas have been created, one for each FBO Location (KHOU, EHAM, EHRD)


To add a new area for a new, or existing FBO Location, use the 'Add new' button.
In the below example, a new parking area must be defined at EHAM for Hangar Parking. This area has a different 'Parking Price Category' and therefore must be created as a separate area for pricing purposes.
Select the FBO Location for which the parking area is applicable, in this example EHAM. Add a name for the parking area and the price category (Hangarage in this case). Default Arrival and Departure Taxi times can be added if applicable, this can impact the parking price calculations. 

Once the parking area has been created, 'select' it and under the section 'parking positions' begin adding the stand names/numbers.
Where hangars are concerned or parking areas without bays simply add a generic name e.g. Hangar or Parking Area Kilo
The checkbox 'IsActive' indicates when a parking stand is active and available for selection by users. Un-checking this box hides the stand meaning it cannot be assigned to an aircraft as its parking stand.
The check-box 'can contain multiple aircraft' allows users to assign this parking stand to multiple aircraft at anyone time (for example whereby 'Hangar' is the parking position). Leaving this box un-checked means that the position can only be assigned to one aircraft at any one time. 


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