How to Troubleshoot Email Issues

FBO One can generate a number of automated emails (Handling confirmations, movement messages, supply orders etc.).
In usertest FBO One can generate these emails to a list of one or more Test recipients, for testing and review purposes.
In either case, you may either know or suspect that FBO One is not sending these emails to the recipients, this page explains various ways to check the email settings and send test emails


In Usertest, test emails are sent to the email recipients shown at the top of the screen



The email address shown here can be found in one of two places:

1) Application Settings > TestEmailList 
The test email address is entered here when only one FBO Location is setup in FBO One. 


2) FBO Locations > TestEmailList
Whereby several FBO Locations exist, the TestEmailList is defined per location (e.g. in the below example, there are 3 FBO Locations. A TestEmailList can be defined separately for each location, with location specific recipients)


Typical Problem: 
The User is changing the email address under Application Settings > TestEmailList but the address shown at the top of the screen is not changing and emails are not being received at the address entered.

The email address added under Application Settings > TestEmailList will be overridden if the TestEmailList is set on an FBO Location level.
This means that whereby the TestEmailList is defined per location, the test email recipients must be changed via FBO Locations > TestEmailList and not via Application Settings > TestEmailList

SPF Record

In some cases, email messages sent from FBO One are not being received by the recipient as the receiving mail server is marking the FBO One generated emails as Spam.
This issue can be rectified by creating an SPF Record. More information on how to do this can be found on this Page 'SPF Records in DNS'  

'Send Test Email Message' function

When in Live, it is possible to test whether emails from FBO One are generating correctly via Administration > Send Test Email Message

This feature will send a test email to the recipient email address as entered in the 'To' field.
If the email is not received, please contact the Amsterdam Software support team (details below)

NOTE: When in Usertest, this test email is sent to the recipients shown at the top of the screen and as per the TestEmailList. The Test Email will not go to the recipient added in the 'To' field


Amsterdam Software support team contact details:

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