Send Test Email Message

This function allows for a test email to be generated from FBO One (it may be used for example, to test whether FBO One is sending emails correctly)
It can be accessed via Administration > Application > Send test email message 

The 'To' field of this screen is blank. The email address for the test email recipient can be entered here.
There is no need to update the Subject line or message body unless required. The 'Email layout' field defines whether the test email should contain the HTML email layout, and if so which one.

Enter an email address in the 'To' field, then click 'Send message'

An email such as the one below will be sent to the recipient specified in the 'To' field


In FBO One Live environments, this feature functions as outlined above.
In Usertest environments however, the Test Email will be sent to the recipients specified as per the TestEmailList. In usertest, an email address must still be entered in the 'To' field in order for the test email to generate, but this email address will not receive the email.


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