Online Avcard and AIR Card Payments (International Merchants)

What are online payments?

FBO One supports taking offline and online payments. This article provides an overview of online Avcard  and AIR Card payments using the integrated credit card processing functionality in FBO One.

Online payments are credit card payments that are processed online using FBO One. The card information is swiped into FBO One using a connected card reader, or by key entering the card information into FBO One.

Online Payment Gateways

An online payment gateway is the path between the software, your merchant account, and the card issuers that allows for authorization of credit card payments and settlement of funds to your account.

Currently, FBO One supports the MSTS payment gateway only. Internationally, processing is available for Avcard and AIR Card. 

For convenience, it is possible to keep card information stored securely "on file" for future use. The full credit card number is not stored or viewable in FBO One. The card numbers are safely stored in the gateway vault, and a special token representing the card number is returned to FBO One. Subsequent charges or refunds are handled through the passing of the token. 

For security reasons, online card processing requires the use of a modern browser. The supported browsers are: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari.

Online Payment Process

  1. Complete all work on an order.
  2. Start the payment step.
  3. On the Take Payment screen, select "
  4. Successful authorization will result in "Payment has been successfully authorized" message.

Start Payment

When an order is ready for payment, go to the order screen and select the Pay option.

Take Payment

On the Take Payment screen, select "Swipe card using AHT payment gateway".
If there is an existing card on file for the customer, "Card on file" will also appear as a payment option.

Enter Card Information

After entering the required information, the Submit Card button will be visible. The Submit Card button will move the process to the next screen.

Authorize Online Payment

Successful authorization will result in a green "Payment has been successfully authorized" message. If there is an issue with the authorization process, more information will be shown in red text.

There is an option on screen to open a PDF copy of the receipt for printing. Obtaining a signature on a printed copy is recommended for all transactions, and is a requirement for AIR Card transactions.

Receipts can also be emailed. Multiple email addresses can be used; separate each by a semi-colon (;).

Online Payment Complete

After successful authorization, the payment is shown on the order screen.

Re-Pay an Order

At times, it is necessary to Re-pay an order. Typical reasons for this include:

  • Additional services added after a payment has been processed
  • A pricing adjustment to services after a payment has been processed
  • Wrong card used for the original charge

To re-pay an order, go to the order screen and select the Pay option.

In the example below, an additional service has been added to the order after the original payment, resulting in an amount due. 


On the 

Various warning messages are just reminders that the previous payment(s) will be automatically voided before processing the new payment.

After successful re-payment, the new payment is shown on the order screen, and the old payment is shown as Voided.

In some cases, a re-payment is not possible without first manually processing a void for the order. If a message is received during a re-payment attempt indicating that the original payment needs to be voided, follow the steps below.

Void an Online Payment

It is possible to void an online payment the same day the payment is processed. Start the void process by clicking on the payment amount link on the order screen.

Click the Void link. (If the Void link is not visible, the payment will instead need to be refunded.) 

Enter a reason for the void. The reason will be on record in case there are any questions about the adjustment in the future. Click OK to complete the process.

The reason for the void is shown in the log, and Payment Status changes to Voided.

The payment shows as Voided on the order, and the Amount Due once again requires payment.

Refund an Online Payment

If the option to void an online payment is not available, it is because the charge already settled overnight with funding on the way to the merchant account, or because the order has already moved to back office and been invoiced. In this case there are two options:

  • Credit Payment: Create an automatic credit order to reverse the original order and credit the payment
  • Credit Payment and Rebill: Create an automatic credit order to reverse the original order, credit the payment, plus create an automatic related order to recharge correctly

Credit Payment

These are the steps to completely refund an online credit card payment without collecting a new payment from the same customer for a corrected order.

After an order has been paid by online credit card and Registered to Back Office, if a payment error is found, the correct process is to continue invoicing the original order. This will keep the original order and payment in sync with the overnight batch/settlement records from the credit card processor and make reconciliation easier for accounting.

After the original order has gone completely through the back office process, return to the original order to process the credit.

1) On the original order, select Credit Order.

2) On the Credit Order screen, the checkbox for 'Create an extra copy of the order to charge the corrections' will be checked. UNCHECK the box. In this case, the original order will be reversed and the credit card charge refunded without rebilling. 

3) A related credit order is automatically created to reverse the original order. This credit order cannot be revised.

4) After the credit order is created, scroll up to the original order and click on the credit card payment.

5) Select CreditPayment.

6) The text on screen indicates that the credit card refund will be added to the credit order that was just created so the accounting records will be correct.

Confirmation will be given that credit card refund processed successfully.

Note: In some cases, there may no longer be a credit card stored for the refund. In that case, the system will present a screen requiring entry of credit card information.

7) The credit order has the credit card refund linked to it and can be moved through back office. The original order remains unchanged.

Credit Payment and Rebill

The steps to completely refund an online credit card payment PLUS rebill the customer are the same as the Credit Payment instructions above with just two changes.

2) On the Credit Order screen, the checkbox for 'Create an extra copy of the order to charge the corrections' will be checked. Leave the box checked

A related credit order is automatically created to reverse the original order, plus an additional related order will be created to properly rebill the customer. .

This order will be flagged as needing payment. The order can be revised to add or remove products or change rates as needed. Once the order has been corrected, payment can be applied by credit card or another form of payment.

Batching and Settlement

When FBO One software users submit online credit card transactions for authorization, the charges are approved by the processor immediately. Later, all the charges are automatically "batched" overnight. Batching simply means that all the authorized charges for one day are sent in a single "batch" to the processor(s) for final handling. The time between authorization and batching allows for adjustments to the transactions via the Void process. After batching, "settlement" occurs – the funds from the transactions, minus any processing fees, are queued for deposit to the merchant's account. Receiving payment for the transactions typically takes 24 - 48 hours, but may take longer for certain card types or if there is a public holiday.

Batching happens automatically, no user action is required. It is possible to review the current status of all credit card transactions via Menu / Administration / Payment / Online Payments.

Payment Reporting

Back Office

When reviewing orders and invoices in Back Office, results can be filtered by a single Form of Payment, or sorted by the Already Paid header to get an overview of the payments by card type.


Credit Card Batch reports are available from the Reports tab.

Both reports contain the same information batch / settlement information.

The Excel version will download an Excel file, and can also be set to send automatically by email each day.

The On Screen version will open as shown below. The On Screen version includes a search option, which is useful if you need to locate transactions by some criteria other than the order key. When discussing card processing issues with MSTS, the Invoice ID is often used, since this is the reference number used by the card processor.

Reporting provided by MSTS

MSTS provides daily reporting to the merchant of the settlement and payment of online transactions. For some card types, this reporting may be sent by email for any day in which there is a transaction processed. For accounts with multiple card types, the reporting may be provided by giving the merchant access to the MSTS online dashboard.