Bulletin Board FBO Location Group (Administration)

The Bulletin Board FBO Location Group page allows adding FBO location groups to the list of ‘Visible to FBO’ options for Bulletin board messages.


'Bulletin board FBO location groups' cannot be deleted if they are used by Bulletin board messages. The following options are available to prevent future use and delete a FBO location group for messages:

  • Make the ‘FBO location group name’ inactive to preserve current message visibility and prevent future use of the FBO location group for Bulletin board messages.

  • Un-link all Bulletin board messages from the FBO location group, this will then allow deletion. This will involve individually changing the ‘Visible to FBO' for each message that is linked to the FBO location group.

  • Edit the Bulletin Board FBO location group to a different FBO location group. Note: This will change the visibility of any linked Bulletin board messages.

Bulletin board FBO location group

Here you can manage which FBO location groups are selectable for 'Visible to FBO' in the bulletin board message edit screen.


  • FBO location group name: The FBO location group for this row. See FBO location group (Administration) to review FBO location group members.

  • IsActive: Indicates whether the Bulletin Board FBO location group is active. options: Yes/No.

  • Log: Shows the audit log of the Bulletin Board FBO location group.


  • FBO location group name: Drop down of all available FBO location groups. To create new FBO location groups see FBO location group (Administration).

  • IsActive: Check box indicating if the Bulletin Board FBO location is active and available for messages.