Setting up FBO One for sending email in your name

FBO One sends email messages with handling confirmations, movement messages and invoices to your customers. 

FBO One offers several features to ensure that messages are encrypted, will not be marked as spam, or as suspicious mail.

Highest level of security and encryption for FBO One emails (DKIM and Amazon SES)

FBO One will be sending email messages via Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)

This has the benefit that messages are verified by both the SPF and DKIM protocols. DKIM will make it impossible for anyone to tamper with the contents of an email. DKIM ensures all messages are signed with an encrypted checksum.

Setup instructions

  • Your network administration needs to insert all the records specified in the "Check DNS email records" administration screen.

FBO One support team can also provide you with the list of records that need to be included by your Domain administrator in the DNS records.

  • Once this is complete, FBO One will automatically update the status to Success.
  • Finally, in Application Settings, set UseAmazonSesIfValidInAmazon to true. 

Other options

Unverified sender problem

Below you see an example of a message received from FBO One, that is marked as 'unverified'.

Solution 1: Send "Via" a verified account

As of version #6786 (Sep-26, 2016), FBO One sends email messages via a verified fbo1 account. This can be seen in the below message. 

About this setup

The 'via' address is set in Application Setting "EmailSenderUsedIfSpfIsInvalid". The default value is "".

This solution shows that the message was sent 'via' to your customers. To prevent this, follow the instructions for step 2 below.

Step 2 - Setup an "SPF record"

Your network administration can mark the FBO One servers as a valid sender for your domain.

Once that is completed, FBO One will automatically stop using the 'via address'. Your clients will then receive the email messages without any warnings or via-messages, like this:

This is done by inserting a so-called SPF record in your DNS server. It will prevent that the message is marked as suspicious or as spam.

The SPF protocol ensures that the message was sent from a server that is published as an approved server by your network administrator. 

SPF needs to be setup for each domain that you use in any email 'from-address' setup in FBO One.

The list of domains that need to be setup can be review in the page MENU | Administration | Check DNS email records.

This page lists all sender-domains in use. FBO One will send via SPF if the line starts with "v=spf1" has the status Success. 

If SPF record has status Failed, it needs to be setup. To set it up in DNS, follow this instruction

You can ignore the other records, unless you choose to setup email sending via DKIM validation as described below.

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