The OPS View For Multiple FBOs screen allows for creating a Planboard view showing multiple FBO locations.



The OPS View For Multiple FBOs administration page allows for the following functions:

  • Create OPS Planboard view for multiple FBOs: The OPS Planboard traditionally shows one FBO location’s orders at a time via the ‘Switch FBO’ drawer menu drop down. The OPS View For Multiple FBOs page allows viewing multiple FBO locations orders in the planboard, using FBO location groups.

A user must have access to all locations in the FBO group to view the OPS view in the ‘Switch FBO’ drawer menu

OPS View For Multiple FBOs

This allows a centralized view of working orders across multiple FBO locations in the OPS page


  • Name: The name given to the OPS view, this name will display in the ‘Switch FBO’ options.

  • FBO group: The FBO location group used for this OPS view. All FBO members orders of the FBO location group will show in the OPS Planboard. See FBO location group (Administration).

  • Primary FBO: The primary FBO for this OPS view. A primary FBO is required for general system settings like list of columns to show in the OPS page.