Local contact number (Glossary)

Contacts such as suppliers and debtors are assigned a global contact number in FBO One.

Optionally, an administration can be configured to 'keep local contact numbers' using the Administration editor in the Administration menu. Keeping a local contact number in additional to the global one, may be needed when different back-end accounting systems are in use between the various back offices (administrations) in the FBO network. The local number will be displayed on the receipts and invoices that FBO One generates, instead of the global number.

The administration contact number will only be available if the administration is configured to 'keep local contact numbers' (see administration fields).

To enable local contact numbers, go to Menu | Administration, and then to the Administrations page. 'Edit' the administration to show the fields.

Look for the 'Assign local contact numbers' option, as well as the 'Local contact number administration group'.

When enabling 'Assign local contact numbers', a local contact numbers are stored for this administration only. If instead the same local numbers need to apply to more administrations, make sure you also pick an Administration Group in the 'Local contact number administration group' field. Note that it is not possible without help of Amsterdam Software support, to convert local numbers that are not group-based, to be group based. So when in doubt, always create an administration group and select it. This will make it easy to later extend the scope of a set of local contact numbers, by adding more administrations to the group.

Administrations Groups can be defined via the page Menu | Administration | Administrations, using the table editor at the bottom of the page.

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