Report access (Administration)

This page allows for restriction of report visibility/access to specific user roles
For a report requiring restriction to specific roles only, the 'Add New' button should be used to indicate the report name, and each role for which access should be granted


The 'Services (basic)' report requires restrictions in order to be visible/available only for users with either the MGT and/or ACC role(s).
The 'Add new' button is used to add the Services (basic) report to the 'Reports Access' section along with the ACC role.
The button is used again to add the report a second time, this time with the MGT role, thus granting permission to access the report for users with this role also:

Below, the user 'Sales Department' has the role MGT assigned to their account (but not ACC).
As MGT is one of the roles permitted access to the Services (basic) report, the Services (basic) report is visible for this user



Retracting the MGT Role from the 'Sales Department' User account results in the report no longer being visible for this User






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