Invoice reports (Administration)

Invoice Reports allow for specific Reports to be available for attachment when sending Invoice to Debtors.
These will show along with the Invoice, as additional attachments to the Invoice email.

Invoice Reports can be managed via Administration > Invoice Reports
To add a new Invoice Report, use the 'Add new' button.

The 'caption' field will be the name of the report shown in the 'Send Invoice' screen. 
Use the 'Report' field to select the report already existing in FBO One. Finally, 'Invoice Parameter' can be set to 'Invoice' and the 'Administration Parameter' set to 'Administration'.

NOTE: Optionally, Invoice reports can be setup to appear only for Debtors containing a specific custom value. If this is the case, use the 'Applies to debtors with custom value' to apply this rule

Once setup, the new report is available for attachment in the 'Send by email' screen when sending Invoices

The Invoice report will then appear as an additional attachment to the Invoice email

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