Admin Invoices (Administration)

The Admin Invoices page allows searching by Invoice number to make admin changes. This area is not designed for normal invoice maintenance or workflow

Invoices can be searched one at a time to allow changes to the following: 

  • Regenerate (delete) stored PDF: This will delete the Invoice PDF report and regenerate to include up to date information, this can include report text changes/debtor address changes.

  • Administration: Changing this will change the invoice to a different back office. 
  • Number: Change the invoice number. 
  • Date: Change the date created invoice date.
  • Form of payment: Change the form of payment on the invoice. 
  • Debtor: Change the debtor of the invoice. 
  • Status: Change the workflow state of the invoice. 
  • JsonBlobId: This should not be changed.
  • InternalRemarks: Add or change an internal remark for the invoice - this can be done through workflow. 

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