How to configure an iPhone, iPod or iPad

The Ramp screen in FBO One is especially designed for use on mobile devices. This page covers the configuration for use of FBO One on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

To get started with an iPhone, iPod or iPad we suggest to:

  1. Register all devices on to the same iTunes account in order to facilitate updates.
  2. Download all the required applications, a few examples include:
  • Weight and volume converters lbs>kgs, usg>kgs
  • Local airport App in order to follow the airlines schedule for connecting crew/pax
  • Aeroweather App which provides upto date Metars and TAFs
  • 'Find iPhone' App in order to track, send messages, lock and erase content of the device

TIP: The more App’s you are running the shorter the battery life will be. Allowing staff access to roam the internet, social networks and Youtube will also shorten your battery life. One way to address this would be to reduce the roaming possibilities which can also protect you from any issue linked to illicit content. The device itself can prevent access to some basics; installing IPhone configuration utility software allows you to set profiles which can also help. However combining the two options with a parental control such as Mobicip will cover all the bases.

Additional Apps may include:

  • Mobicip - This App replaces the regular web browser (Safari). Three different solutions are available: the first is a basic preformatted black list, the second offers a tailor made black list allowing you to make some changes. The third is a very powerful tool which not only works as a white list, it also allows you to set times of usage and logs all websites visited (also sent as a report). Check out
  1. Create any email accounts including the for the 'Find iPhone' App
  2. Add ‘Favorites’ to the web browser
  3. In the Devices settings all restrictions must be set to the required level and Safari is deactivated. Once all the other apps are installed and the restrictions set, please install the Apple software iPhone configuration utility.
  • CloudOn - This app permits you to use your mobile device to extract and exploit excel reports correctly from FBO One. You will find that Apple devices do not support Microsoft office which prevents data refreshing when the report is opened. This can be frustrating especially for key reports such as KPI or GAR / GenDec reports. The App is free of charge and allows you to use Excel, Power-point and Word documents as if your were on your PC. Check out
  1. Create an account 
  2. Link the account to a document storage account such as DropBox or Google docs 
  3. Download your file from FBO One and click open with CloudOn.

The whole process of device configuration will take approximately 1 hour per device.

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