Organization contact details screen

The organization details screen has several tabs and the edit organization link to configure the organization. It is also possible to delete the organization from inside this screen.


Depending on your privileges, some of the tabs may be hidden.


Shows detailed information about the organization.


Shows persons attached to the organization.


Shows the aircraft of the organization.


Shows orders related to the organization.

Default debtor

Shows default debtors of the organization.

Default payment

Shows default payment methods of the organization.


Shows handling and fuel contracts of the organization.

Price agreements

Shows price agreements related to the organization.

Reward programs

Shows reward programs related to the organization.

Custom values

Shows custom values attached to the organization. 
Note: Changing a custom values assigned to Organization, applies to all Fbo Locations using that custom value. Users may configure groups of FBO Location to indicate the locations where the custom value is used.

Finance bulletin board

Shows finance bulletin board information related to the organization.


Shows the audit log related to the organization.