How to auto-attach template document files to workflows to send by email

Auto-attach any file type to workflow transitions for sending by email during updates to services and orders.




Template documents upload

  • Enter the ‘Upload Document’ details:

  1. Choose File: Browse for the file that should be attached. Note: Max file size is 10mb.

  2. Description: Enter a description for this template document, this is for internal use only.

  3. Template name: Enter the name of the template file. Note: The template name is used to for the file name for attaching and sending.

  4. Click ‘OK’ to upload and save. The file is now available for attaching to workflows.

Attaching the Template Document to workflow transitions

  • Navigate to the chosen workflow page. This may be ‘Order workflows’, ‘Service workflows’, etc.

  • In this example, the ‘Order workflows’ has been chosen. On the ‘Order workflows’ section click ‘select’ on the required workflow.

  • Scroll to the ‘Workflow states’ table and click ‘select’ on the required state to show the ‘Workflow state transitions

  1. Click ‘Edit’ on the chosen workflow state transition.

  2. Choose the template document in the ‘Attach template document’ drop down. Note: The type of file will show in brackets.

  3. Click ‘Save’ to save the changes. The template document will now automatically attach for this transition.

Email example

In the above example a ‘Terms and conditions’ PDF document will be attached when the 'Handling order -> (Re)Confirm’ transition is actioned, see below:

  • Workflow transition is actioned:

  • Template document is auto-attached. Note: The template document can be downloaded by clicking on the template document name.

  • Email is received by customer with separately attached template document:

Additional information

  • HandlingArrive and HandlingDepart transitions will not attach template documents.

  • Template document’s file limit is 10mb and max 1 file per workflow transition.

  • Order reports and template documents can be added together on a single workflow transition, allowing for two auto-attached files.