Application Settings (Administration)


Each Application setting is explained in detail within their own respective manual pages shown here.

Generating a report of all the current settings and values can be found by searching for the 'Settings' report in 'Reports > Interactive reports' within FBO One.

There are two areas in which the system settings may be reviewed and updated:

Administration > Application > Application settings

Here, the system-wide default setting values can be reviewed. Please note that if multiple FBO Locations are handled by FBO One, these settings represent the default settings across all locations.

Administration > Station > FBO locations

The default settings defined in the Application settings may be overridden per FBO location in the FBO locations screen. 

A guide to FBO location specific settings can be found in the following manual page: Administration | FBO Locations screen

To override the default Application settings, the setting name must be added and updated under the 'FBO Location settings' header on a per location basis as shown: 

Full list of Application Settings