How to show the Exchange Rate on an Invoice

The exchange rate can be setup to show on the Invoice by using the Application Setting 'BatchInvoiceSummaryInfo'. The setting may also be used on a per FBO Location basis.

In this example, the exchange rate from local currency to FOP currency must show on the Invoice for the FBO Location AMS only.

Go to FBO Locations. If the 'BatchInvoiceSummaryInfo' setting is already listed and in use, use the 'edit' button to open the field.
If the setting is not listed then use the 'Add new' button to add it.

The variable ~ChargedCurrencyCode~ can be inserted to display the Form of Payment Currency Code.
The variable ~ExchageRateChargedCurrencyOverCurrencyForVatClaims~ will take the currency set under Administration > Administrations > VAT claim-back currency:

The following text can therefore be inserted as an example:

EXCHANGE RATE: ~ChargedCurrencyCode~ 1.00 = EUR ~ExchageRateChargedCurrencyOverCurrencyForVatClaims~

Any Invoices now generated for AMS should now show the correct exchange rate.
In the below example, the billing currency is USD and therefore the rate from USD to EUR is shown (Taken from the Exchange Rates as setup and valid in FBO One).

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