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Crew/Pax how-to pages

Accessing the Crew/Pax screen

The crew and passenger details of an order can be accessed via the ‘Handling bar’ Crew/Pax icon (or from Crew/Pax tab in Classic). 

The data entered for the Inbound and Outbound legs can be used as a reference of who is traveling and is used for Manifests, GENDECS/GAR reports.

Crew/Pax Screen

Details for each person traveling will show separated in the 'Inbound' (arrival) and 'Outbound' (departure) legs. 

Note: For Home Based/Operator orders the 'Inbound' and 'Outbound' sections are swapped. 

Note: Only partial details are visible by default for privacy reasons, check 'Show full crew/passenger names’ to view full names. To default to always show the full names see application setting/FBO location setting ShowFullNamesForCrewPaxByDefault

Crew/Pax fields

  • Crew/Pax type: This field is mandatory, it defines the type of traveler, crew, or passenger (see Crew types (Administration) for how to add/edit types):

    • PIC = Pilot in command / Captain (CREW)

    • SIC = Second in command / First officer (CREW)

    • FA = Flight attendant (CREW)

    • ENG = Engineer (CREW)

    • OBS = Observer (CREW)

    • MED = Medic (CREW)

    • Pax = Passenger (PASSENGER)

  • First name: Given first name.

  • Middle name: Optional

  • Last name: Given name (surname)

  • Gender: Male/Female

  • Date of birth: DD/MM/YYYY format only

  • Place of birth: Same as stated in provided travel document.

  • Nationality: Country of nationality.

  • Address: Optional - full address separated by commas (,).

  • Travel document type: Passport or Identity card (see How to create new Travel Document types for how to add/edit types). 

  • Passport number: Same as stated in provided travel document.

  • Passport expiry date: DD/MM/YYYY format only (red text will show if expired)

  • Passport country of issue: Same as stated in provided travel document.

  • Place of issue: Same as stated in provided travel document.

  • Date of issue: DD/MM/YYYY only – same as in provided travel document. 

  • Email: Optional – crew member email. For multiple emails, separate by comma or semicolon.

  • License: Optional – free text of license number.

  • Remarks: Optional – free text remark.

  • Type of travel: Type of travel, options:

    • Normal

    • Transit

    • Transfer

  • Additional travel document: Additional travel document see Travel Documents (Administration) page for adding additional under ‘Additional travel documents’ table.

  • Additional travel document country of issue: Same as stated in provided additional travel document.

  • Additional travel document number: Same as stated in provided additional travel document.

  • Additional travel document expiry date: DD/MM/YYYY only – same as in provided additional travel document.

Note: Errors may show if date fields are not entered in the correct format DD/MM/YYYY or if email address is not valid.

Configuring the layout

The application or FBO location setting: AvailablePaxCrewEditorFields determines which columns are shown and also their display order in the add/edit crew/pax screen. 

The default columns are: Crew/PaxType;FirstName;MiddleName;LastName;DateOfBirth;Gender;PlaceOfBirth;PassportNumber;Nationality;License;Remarks

Available field layout

The full set of fields that may be used are as follows (each field must be separated by a semicolon ';'):

  • Crew/PaxType

  • FirstName

  • MiddleName

  • LastName

  • Gender

  • DateOfBirth

  • PlaceOfBirth

  • Nationality

  • Address

  • TravelDocumentType

  • PassportNumber

  • PassportExpiryDate

  • PassportCountryOfIssue

  • PlaceOfIssue

  • DateOfIssue

  • License

  • Email

  • Remarks

  • TypeOfTravel

  • AdditionalTravelDocument

  • AdditionalTravelDocumentCountryOfIssue

  • AdditionalTravelDocumentNumber

  • AdditionalTravelDocumentExpiryDate

  • Status

Note: The field 'Crew/Pax Type' is mandatory and cannot be removed using this setting.

Entering/Editing Crew/Pax Details

Adding/Editing in the Crew/Pax screen

Copy crew/pax to outbound/inbound

Upload and download of Crew/Pax list via Excel file

Scan a passport or other travel document

For passport scanning integration and setup see manual page Passport scanner integration and Mobile passport scanner. Contact for guidance and setup.