Fuel duty calculator

The Fuel duty calculator will decide if duty must be paid when any of the conditions below is true:

  • For domestic flights
  • If the debtor has NO AOC
  • If both inbound and outbound flight have no pax
  • If outbound flight is Private (in FBO One this flight type must be put in the flight type price category 'AlwaysPaysFuelDuty')
  • If the arrival flight station is in the DomesticStationsGroup

If one of these conditions it true, the calculator will calculate the price of the fuel duty product, so duty will be charged.

If these conditions are not met, the calculator will put the price to zero of the fuel duty product, so no duty will be charged.

Optional properties

CheckAocFromOperatorIfNeeded  (bool; default = false)
When set to true, the fuel duty calculator will take the AOC from the operator in consideration when the debtor VAT settings are set to 'Landside and use operator to determine airside VAT'.

DomesticStationsGroup (string)
When it is specified, the calculator will check if the handling station and the arrival flight station belong to the indicated station group. If so then duty must be paid.