How to group parking positions to display as a single position for capacity in Parking Planning

Grouping positions into Parking capacity groups allows for a single capacity for multiple positions.

Note: Parking Capacity Groups are relevant to the Parking Planning screen only, and does not effect parking assignment in an order.

Creating capacity groups are useful for actual positions that have multiple positions in FBO One used for pricing or status, but a single capacity to be tracked.

Grouped into a Parking Capacity Group.

No grouping

Grouped into a Parking Capacity Group.

No grouping




  • Navigate to Parking Capacity Groups (Administration) and click ‘Add new’ in the ‘Parking Capacity Groups’ table. Add the following information to the fields, then click ‘Save’:

    • Station: The station for which the group is applicable for, this should match all parking position members of the group.

    • Name: The name of the capacity group, this can be the parking position name or a common name, e.g. Terminal Hangars.

    • Use in parking chart: Tick the checkbox to ensure the capacity group is shown in the Parking Planning chart.

    • Capacity in M2: The total capacity of the capacity group. This is usually the sum of all the parking position member’s capacity, but can be any figure as required.

  • Click ‘Select’ on the Parking Capacity Group created, and click ‘Add new’ in the ‘Group members’ table to select each parking position for the group.

After each position is added, the Parking Planning chart will display the positions in the parking capacity group.

Any parking positions part of a capacity group will no longer have their individual 'Capacity in M2' considered in the Parking Planning chart.