How to grant Password Reset and Unlock User access

In some cases, it is convenient to grant designated individuals the ability to reset passwords and unlock users without providing other access to the Administration menu. This can be accomplished by an Administrator using the following steps.

1) Go to Security / Roles.

Create a new role: Unlock user and password reset

2) Go to Security / Authorization.

Locate FrontOfficeOrder entity and add the new role. The minimum authorization required is View = Yes.

3) Go to Security / Authorization.

Locate AdministrationMenu command and add the new role.

4) Go to Security / Users.

Locate a user and assign the new role. In most cases, 'Unlock user and password reset' will be assigned as an additional role for the user, granting access to perform an additional task.

In the example below, 'Unlock user and password reset' is the ONLY role assigned to the user, so this will be the only task that the user can perform in the system. 

With the above setting, the user sees a read-only view of the OPS screen upon login, and will use the menu button to access the Administration screen.

Once on the Administration screen, the user will have access to the options Reset Password and Unlock User.

Reset Password and Unlock User options will only list 'active' users. Users with 'inactive' status will require action by an Administrator from the Security / Users page.