How to setup additional attachments to Invoices

On occasions, it may be necessary to have certain attachments available for sending along with Invoices - for example company announcements, special offers etc.

In order for this to be possible, the attachment to be sent must first be setup as an Order Report in rdl format.
For help with setting up the rdl formatted report, please contact the support team at

In this example, an FBO wishes to communicate with its clients, a re-branding announcement in the form of a letter, sent as a separate attachment to all Invoice emails. 

The Brand Announcement letter has been created as an rdl formatted report and added as an Order Report

Attaching to the Invoice Email

To setup an rdl formatted order report to attach when an Invoice is being sent, go to Administration > Invoice Workflows.
For this is example, the Brand Announcement Letter needs to be attached as a separate attachment when sending an Invoice. The workflow state transition from 'Created' to 'Sent' is edited and in the 'Attach Order Report' field, the Brand Announcement letter is added.

Once added, the letter appears each time an Invoice is being sent