Determines whether Pax names are deleted or stored within FBO One.
For privacy reasons and general up-keep of the Pax data stored within FBO One it may be preferable to delete this data after a certain period of time.

This setting is found under Administration > Application settings. It can be set to 'True' to delete the data, or 'false' to delete it.

If multiple FBO locations are handled by FBO One, then this setting can be added per location in case some locations wish to store pax data, and others delete it.

The deletion of Pax data is further controlled according to the number of days for which the data is stored.
Under Administration > FBO Locations > Edit, the setting 'Days to keep historical pax data' defines the number of days for which data is stored after an order has been handled.

In the below example, the number of days is set to 180 (and the IsCleanPaxEnabled setting is 'true'), meaning that Pax data will be deleted 180-days after orders have been handled.

NOTE: If this field is left blank (and the IsCleanPaxEnabled setting is 'true'), then Pax data is deleted as soon as the order moves to the Back-Office.

NOTE: This setting will only delete Passenger data - this includes any Crew Type set to 'IsCrew' 'No' (see Administration > Crew Types)

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