Robot Task status settings

In FBO1 it is possible to run tasks on the background, a task can be started by a robot or by user interface.
For the tasks status (when task is started how long is it running) there is TaskStatus table defined.

Menu,  Administration > Application > Task Overview, gives an overview of the last or current running tasks:

For controlling the Tasks there are some general settings



The cleanup time as time span when the task should be removed from the task status table.


Extra setting to keep track of the task status table for growing inexpertly high when the task status table size exceeds this value the table will be cleared for 50%


This is the general time how long a robot task is allowed to run normal 12 hours


The task manager keeps track of the total process allocated memory when the memory exceeds this value the task manger (PPPTaskRunner) will not start new tasks until the memory is below this value.


The task manager keeps track how many child task are allocated in his run, when the number exceeds this value the task manager (PPPTaskRunner) will wait for starting new tasks until number of current running tasks is below this value.


A task status record stores also the trace log this log is limited by this setting, when the exceeds this value the log will be trimmed.
Trim is done from the top so the last trace logs (of the current task) are in this log.


This setting controls the interval the trace log will be stored in the task status table.


This controls the Robot master loop interval, it defines the reaction time and hard beat of the master loop of a task manager (PPPTaskRunner).


This setting is for an the external watch process. Robots write trace data direct in a logical rounded log file.
An external process checks the last write moment when this moment is more than this setting ago the robot process will be stopped.