2017 UI: OPS Movements & Handlings views - In detail and practice

For an introduction to the 2017 new user Interfaces, please first read our page '2017 UI - Movements & Handlings views - Overview'The expanded Handlings/Movements order shows all order details separated into sub-sections by coloured bars.

At the top of the screen, the Order Number, Registration, Flight Numbers (if in use) and the Order State are indicated 


The Purple section shows key details including Aircraft Type / Registration, Operator, Parking stand & Trip support provider

The 'Fields' button, allows users to add any further detail not already shown. In this example, the 'Operator's request number' and 'Trip number' can be added. If for example a Parking stand was missing, then this field would also be available to add.

To enter for example, a 'Trip number', the following screen will display.

Enter the number and click OK to save it

To update any of the details shown, use the grey arrows. 
A pop-up window will open with the available options. Select an option to make the update. 
The 'Audit log' button, will show the log of any changes made to that specific field

The '...' pop-up will show any further operations available here

Order & Services

The Green section represents Orders and Services, headed by the Order Number.

Workflow transitions can be actioned using the grey arrow adjacent to the current 'workflow state'

Any order reports usually found under the 'Print' menu within the classic order screen, can be found under the 'Reports' menu in this section.
Payment terms, amount due and Debtor detail are situated top right of this section.

Any orders whereby payment should be taken will show a remark in Red in this section

Taking Payments
Payments, forms of payment and debtor details too can be managed through links from this section.
Select an option, then proceed with the payment as usual

Adding Services

The '+' sign in this section allows for adding services:

When clicked, the below screen opens. Clicking on a product will add it to the order. 
A search box is available to locate the correct product if needed

Added services will show as follows:

Use the grey arrow adjacent to each service to make updates or changes to the service(s)

Additional Order related options are available via the (...) link shown below.
This also allows for users to revert to the Classic Order view or edit if required

Clicking on this Icon  will expand the order detail and show pricing to those who are authorised to view pricing

Arriving / Departing Flight Details

Arrival and Departure flight details can be found under the Blue and Pink sections:

Use the Grey arrow adjacent to each Order detail in order to update individual items such as ETA/ETD, Flight Number, Origin/Destination etc. 
The audit log can also be viewed per field from this menu:

A separate screen will open to update the selected field

Quick Create Order

Orders can be created quickly and easily directly from the planboard.
Type the full or partial tail number in to the planboard search and any matches will be shown:. If the Registration does not yet exist in the database, the 'Add Registration' option is available in blue.

Select the relevant Order type and the Create Order screen will display with the selected aircraft details pre-filled:

Bulletin Board

The order bulletin board, usually found in the side-bar (classic view), is located beneath the Yellow bar in the Movements/Handlings view.
From here, existing messages can be seen and updated via the Grey arrow.

To add further messages to appear either on the Order's bulletin board, the 'Message' column of the planboard or the 'Email to Order' board, use the icons to the right of the yellow bar: