2017 UI: Setting a Default OPS Planboard Screen

Within the new 2017 Interface, users have the possibility to select their preferred default view.

Setting a default view ensures that the user is re-directed to this view by default.

Users are still however, able to switch between views as needed, but by default they will be returned to their default view.

From the front office, users are able to define a default view via the main menu:

Clicking on 'Select Default' will display the following screen
Three options are then available for selection:

  • Classic

  • Movements

  • Handlings

The 'Classic' option will maintain the classic version of FBO One:

Selecting 'Movements' or 'Handlings' will set either of the new user interface views - See: Movements & Handlings Views in Detail and Practice

Setting Default Views via 'Administration'

System Administrators may also assign default views to User Accounts through the use of User Roles.
The following three User Roles are available for this:

  • Ops Layout Classic

  • Ops Layout Handlings

  • Ops Layout Movements

NOTE: For Group Accounts, changing the Default View will change the default for all Group members