Flight Bridge Link

The FlightBridge link with FBO One can be used in 2 ways:

  1. From the Operator in FlightBridge (Handling requests imported and synced with FlightBridge):

    1. The Operator enters a Handling reservation into FlightBridge and selects the Handling FBO.

    2. If the FlightBridge link is set up for the Handling FBO using FBO One, then Handling requests from FlightBridge will be received and created automatically in FBO One using this link. This page describes how this process works.

  2. From the FBO (Handling request updates synced and FlightBridge services booked inside FBO One):

    1. The FBO can update Orders from FlightBridge within FBO One. All changes will be communicated to FlighBridge.

    2. The FBO may also Order 3rd Party services via FlightBridge - See Ordering 3rd Party Services via FlightBridge


Video overview


Sending handling reservation from FlightBridge

Reservation imported as a Handling order

FBO One processes the handling request details and creates a corresponding handling order.

Once the handling order is created in FBO One, the operator receives an update notification that says the request is Acknowledged (received by the FBO) together with a preview of the handling status. 

FBO One and FlightBridge kept in sync

From this moment on, any changes made to the handling order in FBO One will show in Flight Bridge as well, so the operator can see how his request is progressing over time. If the operator wants to make any changes to his request, for example changing the arrival dates, requesting extra services, these updates will also appear in FBO One automatically.

Imported master data

For first-time visitors, FBO One will create the handling order with a blank operator and blank debtor. Their details are to be found in the 'SERVICE REQUEST' lines. The FBO One user can then enter the details for the new contacts by creating a new Operator / Debtor.

The same applies for new aircraft registrations, the aircraft details are specified via the 'SERVICE REQUEST' line and they can be used as a starting point for entering aircraft details in FBO One. The next visit of this aircraft will be with the default operator and debtor assigned to the registration

The FBO user is making sure all the requested services are reviewed and arranges for the actual services to be provided when the aircraft arrives. The operator can verify and check the details of his request match the details on the handling order by comparing both the requested services and the actual services FBO is arranging.