Payments: How to allocate wire transfer payments to invoices and orders in the Payments (Back office) page

Allocate wire transfer payments directly to invoices and orders in the Payments (Back office) page.

Allocating payments in the Payments page info:

  • The Payments (Back office) page is the primary page for creating wire transfers, giving an overview of all payments for each Administration.

  • Clicking on any wire transfer payment, row opens the payment detail column allowing for payment allocations by searching by invoice and order key.

  • The Payments (Back office) page is suited for viewing all payment allocations, creating wire transfers, making corrections to payments and as an overview of all payment types.

For more information and related how to pages see Wire transfers and Payment allocations page.


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Ensure wire transfer is already created

Ensure that the wire transfer is already created in the Payments (Back office) page. See How to manually add a Wire Transfer payment or How to upload wire transfer payments from bank file statements.

Find and open an unallocated wire transfer payment

  1. Click on the wire transfer payment to be allocated to invoices or orders.

  2. In the opened payment click the ‘Find invoice/order Allocate Payment’ field in the 'Payment Allocations’ section.

Tip: Use ‘Only unallocated’ filter to show unallocated wire transfer payments.

Find invoice or order and allocate payment amount

On click of ‘Allocate payment' field a drop-down dialog will open allow allocation.

  1. Click ‘Allocate to invoice or order' radio button to show options for allocating to invoice or order.

  2. Search by the Invoice number, or Order key in the ‘Search invoices or orders' field.

  3. If the ‘Amount to allocate’ amount for the wire transfer does not fully pay the invoice, two options are available to continue (Note: these options will not show if allocation fully pays the invoice/order):

    1. Allocate as payment difference’ - Invoice is fully paid with the difference booked as a payment difference against the wire transfer payment. This is useful for small amounts that are not worth the effort to follow-up with the debtor, or currency exchange differences.

    2. New amount due’ - Invoice is partially paid with the wire transfer amount allocated to the invoice. The wire transfer amount does not fully pay the due invoice with a new amount due is set for a follow-up wire transfer payment. 

  4. Optional: Enter any ‘Payment allocation remarks’ for audit purposes.

  5. Click ‘OK’ to confirm the payment allocation.

Choosing ‘Ignore this payment’ will book the remaining unallocated amount as a payment difference, useful for small amounts left from allocations.


Once a payment has been full, or partially allocated, the amount already allocated will be updated.
A separate line will then be created for each individual ‘Payment Allocation'. The ‘Handling’ column will show reference to the Order and/or Invoice to which a Payment has been allocated.