How to manually add a wire transfer payment

Manually adding wire transfers can be done quickly without a bank statement. Once added the wire transfer amount can be allocated to outstanding invoices and orders.

Manual wire transfer info:

  • Manually adding a wire transfer, allows for adding single amounts transferred for outstanding invoices as payment by specific debtors.

  • Manual adding allows for creating single payments quickly without the need to upload any bank statements.

  • Wire transfers, may then be used in part, or in their entirety, on one or more orders for that Debtor. Both full and partial payment allocations are possible when deducting from a wire transfer payment.

For more information and related how to pages see Wire transfers and Payment allocations page.


How-to video



  1. Navigate to the Payments back office page.

The 'ADD WIRE TRANSFER' button in the Payments (Back office) page allows manually creating received wire transfer payments for allocation to due invoices and outstanding orders.

Add a single wire transfer payment manually

  1. Click ‘ADD WIRE TRANSFER’ to open the Add wire transfer inline dialog.

  2. Administrations’ - Choose the Administration this payment applies to, by default this is set to the current FBO location’s Administration.

  3. Transfer date’ - Enter the payment date and time the wire transfer was received in local time.

  4. Amount’ - Enter the total amount for the wire transfer payment as shown on the bank statement.

  5. Currency' - Choose the currency to create the wire transfer payment. The wire transfer payment amount will be created in this currency and not be exchanged to the default Administration’s currency.

  6. From debtor’ - Choose the debtor that the payment was received from. This locks the wire transfer to be used for payment allocation for this debtor. Note: Leaving this field empty will allow the wire transfer to be allocated to any debtor and is not recommended.

  7. 'Description' - Enter a free text description for the wire transfer (optional).

  8. 'Bank cost' - Enter any bank charge amounts that have been charged for this wire transfer payment. Entering a value other than 0 will create a linked bank cost payment to the wire transfer.

  9. Click ‘OK’ to create the wire transfer payment.

Once created, the Transfer will appear as follows: