How to manage mistakes in wire transfers payments

Wire transfer payments can be edited, amended or ignored to fix any mistakes.

For more information and related how to pages see Wire transfers and Payment allocations page.


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Editing wire transfers

Editing payments info:

  • Editing wire transfers allows for amending key fields, for example currency change, different amount, or payment from a different debtor.

  • Editing should only be done to correct a received payment.

Wire transfers that have no allocations can be edited to allow changing the following:

  • Transfer date/time: The payment date.

  • Amount: The wire transfer amount received.

  • Currency: Drop down of available currencies. Note: Currency exchange rates may need to be set for allocation to invoices in different currencies. See Exchange rates (Administration).

  • From debtor: The debtor the wire transfer was received from, and is restricted to for allocation. Note: If not set, the wire transfer payment can be allocated to any debtor.

  • Transfer details: Free-text information for the wire transfer. This field is populated by the ‘Description’ column when uploading a bank statement.

Ignoring payments

Ignored payment info:

  • Ignoring wire transfer payments allow keeping the record instead of deleting the payment. This is especially useful when referencing an uploaded bank statement.

  • Note: Ignored wire transfer payments can be reactivated if required.

A wire transfer payment can only be ignored when it does not have any payment allocations made against it. If an amount has been allocated, all payment allocations must first be de-allocated before the payment can be ignored.

  1. Click the Menu icon in the top right corner of the payment column

  2. Click ‘Ignore payment’ option from the menu.

Reactivating ignored payments

Reactivating ignored payments info:

  • Ignored payments can no longer be used for allocation to any invoices or orders, this is indicated from the ‘Is ignored | Yes’ field shown in the payment. Reactivating changes the ignored state.

  • Reactivation allows the payment to be used for payment allocation.

Open the payment and click ‘Reactivate payment’ from menu

  1. Click the Menu icon in the top right corner of the payment column

  2. Click ‘Reactivate payment’ option from the menu.