Set Fuel Price transition

Introduction and basic usage

For contract customers, fuel prices are managed in the back office and automatically applied.

For occasional visitors, the operations and customer service staff can set a custom fuel price for a single uplift.

The Set Fuel Price screen shows the current retail (posted airfield rate), the customer specific fuel price or contract rate (if applicable), and an area where the user can enter the custom price.

Advanced usage

The retail fuel price break down can be reviewed by opening the "posted retail fuel price" section. The currently active manual price, or contract price if applicable, can be displayed in the Customer Fuel Price section.

The manual price is automatically converted into a Retail Discount price agreement. This price agreement can be reviewed by opening the Jet A Discount product via the search field in the top toolbar.

How to setup the Set Fuel Price screen

The Set Fuel Price screen needs to be configured for each fuel type. The price components that defined the retail price and the cost-plus price need to be set in the OPS Fuel Price screen, which is found under MENU | Administration.

In order to visualize the fuel uplift breakdown while entering the OPS Fuel Price settings, it is helpful to open the product mapping screen (also in Administration).

How to insert the Set Fuel Price command in the fuel uplift workflow

The script below inserts a Set Fuel Price transition in the fuel uplift workflows. The transition is inserted everywhere where a EditStockMutation action already exists. This script can be executed via Administration | /wiki/spaces/PPP/pages/68190218.