Custom Value Unit Price Calculator

Defines the unit price based on the value of the custom value. This calculator can be used to obtain a unit price based on a custom value. In this calculator the unit price is determined by multiplying the price specified in the price agreements with the value of the custom property specified in the calculator settings. It returns a rounded value using the rounding method specified in the calculator settings. If no rounding is specified, the default 'Floor' is used. 

The quantity is always set to be 1 by this calculator. This makes this calculator different from the related Custom Value Quantity Calculator, that doesn't allow rounding of the total amount. (this calculator also just rounds the unit price, but by having a quant of 1 that effectively rounds the total amount)

The custom value will be taken from the order and can be inherited from Aircraft Registration, Aircraft Type, Debtor, FBO Location or Administration.

Required settings:

Use this to specify the custom value code.
example: CustomProperty=Noise factor (L);

Optional settings:

Use this to specify the rounding method. The rounding methods can be: Floor, Ceiling, NearestInteger, ToEven, None
example. RoundingMethod=Floor

forceQuantityToOne(bool; default=true)
Use this setting to control the return value of the quantity. By default this calculator returns always quantity = 1. By setting it to false, the quantity is set by the base calculator.

This calculator has the advantage of returning a rounded unit price in the end, whereas the Custom Value Quantity Calculator rounds the custom value and uses as a quantity  value

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