How to enter/edit Crew/Pax Details for an order

Entering and editing crew and passenger details to an order allow generating GENDEC reports and can be used as a reference

Note: Entering and editing crew and passenger details is a manual process (except for orders imported e.g. NetJets link), the following input methods can be used



'Add New' or 'Edit' buttons 

From the Crew/Pax Tab: Adding and editing existing crew/pax is accessed via ‘Add new’ button under each flight leg and the ‘Edit’ blue link next to each name.

Crew/Pax fields can be filled out when known, attempt to fill out as much information as possible to prevent any customs/immigration issues.

Ensure the name/passport number is searched in the drop down first to save time from adding a duplicate of an existing person.

Searching for existing Crew/Pax

To save time for future orders, all crew and passenger details are saved when they are added. 

Searching can be done by name or passport number.

Note: The length of time a crew/pax record is kept is defined by the FBO Location setting 'Days to keep historical pax data'.