How to batch upload crew/pax details via Excel file

From the Crew/Pax tab it is possible to download and batch upload a list of crew/pax details from an Excel file.

Batch uploading crew/pax details saves time compared to manually adding each record individually.



Downloading the crew/pax excel template for upload

From the Crew/Pax Tab: Clicking the 'Download crew/pax template' button, an Excel file is generated using the FBO location and order number, along with the crew/pax entries shown on the order screen.

The generated file contains only those columns specified in the AvailablePaxCrewEditorFields application setting.

Note: Values from the excel file are recognized at upload based on their column header names, these names match those in the AvailablePaxCrewEditorFields application setting.

Entering the correct format

Entering the correct information in each row is important to ensure that the crew/pax details are uploaded successfully. To help ensure that the correct format is inputted, drop down lists exist on the following columns:

  • ArrDep:

    • 'Arrival' - for inbound leg only ('Arr' also accepted)

    • 'Departure' - for outbound leg only ('Dep' also accepted)

    • 'Both' - for both inbound and outbound legs.

  • Crew/PaxType: List of crew and passenger types defined from Crew types (Administration).

  • Gender: 'Unknown', 'Male', 'Female'

  • Nationality: List of countries defined from Countries (Administration).

  • TravelDocumentType: List of travel documents defined from How to create new Travel Document types.

  • PassportCountryOfIssue: List of countries defined from Countries (Administration).

  • Email: If present, it must be a valid email

  • Delete Row: 

    • 'NO' - row is kept and uploaded (if blank then 'NO' is the default)

    • 'YES' - row is deleted when uploaded. Note: Deleting the row without adding 'YES' will not delete the entry in the order.

Uploading and updating

To update the existing list of crew/pax entries first choose a file, by clicking the "Choose File" button, then click the "Upload and update crew/pax" button:

Upload Summary

A summary will show after upload showing in bold the count of each crew/pax type successfully uploaded.