Speed up the process of adding crew/pax details by copying between legs and previous flights.



Copy crew/pax to outbound/inbound

From the Crew/Pax Tab: To avoid having to search and add the same person twice for the same order, two buttons exist below the crew/pax search for copying to the other flight leg.

Copy to outbound’ allows transfer of those checked from the arrival flight to the departure flight.

Copy to inbound’ allows transfer of those checked from the departure to the arrival flight.

Lookup Crew/Pax from a previous flight of the same registration

From the Crew/Pax Tab: Crew and passengers that have travelled previously on the same aircraft registration may be quickly searched by the ‘Copy pax/crew from previous flight(s)’ link:

All past flights will show along with details of each crew and passenger on board. Each Crew/Pax ticked, will be added to the order.