How to select bulletin board attachments to send by email with third party services & Client notifications

Easily choose from a list of bulletin board attachments to send by email with third party services and client notifications.

  • Easily attach bulletin board attachments to third party services to send by email - useful for sending documentation attached to the registration or aircraft type.

  • Only include attachments that are relevant for sending with third party services - useful for ensuring the correct attachments are shown as options for sending to the user.

  • Define which products should allow quick attaching bulletin board attachments in service transitions - useful for excluding services that should not send any bulletin attachments.


  • Product setting ‘Show bulletin message attachments in transitions’ must be checked to allow showing bulletin board attachments in transitions.

  • Bulletin board attachments shown in third party service transitions are available in newUI only.

  • Bulletin board messages that are shown in the order (from order, registration, contact, station) and that have not expired are available only. See How to set an expiry or review date for a bulletin board message for more information.

  • Selecting ‘Bulletin board attachments’ in transitions is available for OrderThirdPartyService, OrderThirdPartyServiceTextOnly, CancelThirdPartyService, CancelThirdPartyServiceTextOnly, ClientNotificationService

This feature is not available in Classic UI service transitions


How-to video


  1. Navigate to the product setting to enable quick attach for bulletin board attachments.

    1. Click ‘Edit this product

    2. Check ‘Show bulletin board attachments in transitions’ product setting and save.

  2. Add or edit a bulletin board message attachment and check ‘Attach to service’ (or ‘To be attached to service’ for existing attachments) to make the attachment available for selection from the service transition. Default is unchecked.

  3. Choose eligible attachments in the ‘Bulletin board attachments’ area of the service transition for sending by email. Tip: Use ‘Select all’ to select all attachments to save time individually selecting.