How to auto-attach backup documentation to the handling confirmation PDF email message

Auto-attach PDF files to append to the end of the Handling confirmation PDF or to attach as separate documents to the confirmation email

Documents can be set up to auto-add to the Handling Confirmation each time it is sent. Once added, the documents will accompany the Handling Confirmation each time it is sent based on the filter specifications. Some examples of how this feature may be used include:

  • To add company terms and conditions

  • To add an access map

  • To provide a list of Hotel options/pricing

Note: The uploaded files must be in PDF format.



  • To begin, upload the document to be auto-added via Administration > Template Documents

    Once the template is uploaded, go to Administration > Confirmation Auto-add Documents and use the 'Add new' button to begin setting up the auto-add document.

    In this example, the Terms & Conditions must be added for all Handling Confirmations sent for FBO Location 'FBO'. The 'Template document' is selected and 'FBO' is added to the 'FBO Location' field.

For multiple documents appended to the handling confirmation, use the ‘Sort index’ to define the order of the documents (lower = first).

Note: In some cases, it may be necessary only to show an auto-add document if a specific supplier is in use on an order (e.g. send a price list for a specific transport company) or for a specific 'Handling station' (whereby outbased handling is setup), e.g. NOTAMS for a specific Airport.
In these cases, use the 'Handling Station' and/or 'Supplier' fields to set this up. 


The auto-add document is by default, sent as a supplementary page(s) to the Handling Confirmation PDF and will not be shown to users during the handling confirmation process, nor will it show when printing the Handling Confirmation from within FBO One. This means that one single document is attached to the Handling Confirmation email and this is the Handling Confirmation PDF.

Adding documents as standalone attachments

When the document(s) should appear as separate attachments and not as per the default, the checkbox 'Attach as separate document' should be checked:

For the above example shown, this will result in 4 separate documents being attached to the Handling Confirmation email - The Handling Confirmation PDF plus the 3 documents added above.